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School closures can affect your child’s mental health — Here’s how you can help them cope

Schools around the nation are facing a second round of closures due to the Omicron variant sweeping across the country. This recent variant of the COVID-19 virus has caused the number of daily COVID cases to balloon into the hundreds of thousands. Over half a million children were diagnosed with COVID in the first week of January alone and unlike past variants, Omicron has hospitalized many children who were once seen as being immune to the virus. 

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Providing fathers with mental health support leads to healthier families — Men’s Health Awareness Month

If you weren’t already aware, November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, a period dedicated to drawing attention to health issues affecting men such as prostate and testicular cancers, suicide prevention, and mental health. In order to raise awareness around these important topics, many men will sport a mustache or participate in No Shave November as a way to create a conversation about men’s health.

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Two boys smiling

When we create an inclusive system, we create a better system.

That’s our belief here at maro parents. If a system doesn’t aim to improve the lives of the most vulnerable that it serves, then it’s a flawed system. There are many inequities that people of color come across throughout their daily lives. They show up in the financial lending system, the job market, and even in our healthcare systems. Unfortunately, children aren’t impervious to this reality.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Instilling a sense of cultural pride in kids is one of the main characteristics of being a parent. It helps boost confidence in children, helps them confront racism whenever they encounter it, and gives them a sense of belonging in the world. Unfortunately that cultural pride is seen as threatening when it comes from the cultures of people who are being subjected to oppression.

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