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How to Talk to Kids About Race & Ethnicity

Kids start to notice race as early as 3 months old, but according to Sesame Workshop (the experts behind Sesame Street) a majority of parents aren’t talking to them about it. There are a few possible explanations for this: many parents underestimate how early their kids are able to perceive racial differences, while others believe that the topic is just taboo for family discussions. Whatever the reason behind avoiding these talks may be, the truth is that candid conversations with our families about race & ethnicity are key to raising kind, respectful kids.

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The Importance of Teaching Kids Self-Compassion

People aren’t perfect. This fact might be simple enough to understand, but it can be harder to apply to our own internal dialogue. Even if we accept that everyone makes mistakes, we may still find ourselves becoming our own worst critics when faced with our flaws — and our kids aren’t immune from the same struggles. Self-criticism actually doesn’t help us learn from our mistakes or overcome failure — it can just lead to feelings of worthlessness and even depression. So, how can we avoid this cycle and raise our kids to be resilient instead of self-critical?

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When we create an inclusive system, we create a better system.

That’s our belief here at maro parents. If a system doesn’t aim to improve the lives of the most vulnerable that it serves, then it’s a flawed system. There are many inequities that people of color come across throughout their daily lives. They show up in the financial lending system, the job market, and even in our healthcare systems. Unfortunately, children aren’t impervious to this reality.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Instilling a sense of cultural pride in kids is one of the main characteristics of being a parent. It helps boost confidence in children, helps them confront racism whenever they encounter it, and gives them a sense of belonging in the world. Unfortunately that cultural pride is seen as threatening when it comes from the cultures of people who are being subjected to oppression.

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Listening to your child is the best thing you can do to ensure them of success

Any parent can tell you that there are few things more frustrating than dealing with a child who doesn’t listen. There are thousands of web pages and hundreds of books all dedicated to giving parents tips and tricks on how to improve their child’s listening skills. It goes without saying that children should listen to their parents, especially when they’re being provided with sound advice and guidance for life. However, it’s just as frustrating for a child when their parents may not actively listen to what they have to say.

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