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Talking to kids & teens about abortion.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last Friday — ending the constitutional right to abortion for U.S. citizens that the case had previously maintained since 1973 — you may be wondering how to broach the topic of abortion and reproductive rights with your kids. When is it appropriate to teach kids what abortion means? How should you spark the discussion?

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5 Ways to Teach Young Kids About Consent

At first thought, consent might seem like an overwhelmingly adult topic — and that’s probably because for a long time, consent was an overwhelmingly absent topic. After the #MeToo movement shone a light on the dark reality of a world that normalized sexual harassment, abuse, and assault for far too long, many of us began to look closer at how often consent was missing from the moments where it mattered most. 

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Burned matches

How to Handle Parental Burnout

The concept of “burnout” has undeniably been a hot topic lately, but new research shows that it isn’t just workplace pressures that can lead to overload. Typically, the word burnout describes an overwhelming state of exhaustion you might experience after prolonged, unending stress that you’re just not able to manage. Parental burnout describes almost the same reaction, but instead of being associated with work or your career like regular burnout, it’s caused by the stressors of being a parent.

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Providing fathers with mental health support leads to healthier families — Men’s Health Awareness Month

If you weren’t already aware, November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, a period dedicated to drawing attention to health issues affecting men such as prostate and testicular cancers, suicide prevention, and mental health. In order to raise awareness around these important topics, many men will sport a mustache or participate in No Shave November as a way to create a conversation about men’s health.

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So, that’s how my body works?!

We originally wrote this children’s book for publish in our mobile app, maro, where we give parents & kids content to use as a medium for tough growing-up conversations around mental & reproductive health, empathy, and diversity. Although the following story contains important knowledge about the body & how it works, it doesn’t really align with those 4 education verticals. So, we thought we’d release it for free. Tell us your honest opinions (i.e. would you use this to teach young kids about their bodies?) and feel free to clap if you’d still like to see this turned into a children’s book!

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