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Navigating The Future of Digital Benefits & Employee Mental Health

From meditation apps to wearable devices tracking your daily steps, digital health has expanded well beyond tele-health and virtual doctor’s visits. These innovations aren’t brand-new, but they’ve gathered a great deal of new attention over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic left many employers searching for new ways to improve employee wellbeing holistically, and provide alternatives to in-person solutions. 

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Support for parent employees should address their kids’ mental health

Mental health support in the workplace has undeniably been a huge part of recent efforts to help employees thrive: in the past few years, many companies have started training managers on how to recognize signs of poor mental health, offering employees more mental health days, and reducing out-of-pocket costs for getting mental health care. For parent employees, however, focusing just on their own mental health misses out on a large part of the overall picture in ensuring their success: providing support and resources to care for their children’s mental health, too.

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Kenzie at StartEd Demo Day

“Seems like you’re really passionate about your startup idea.”

In my early-to-late teen years, I was raped and experienced sexual trauma and harassment that required an immense amount of work to begin to heal once I was in college. I began engaging with the women’s center and the Gender Studies program my Freshman year which led to opportunities to volunteer with local women and children’s advocacy groups and direct service organizations. This gave me life. Surrounded by women I deeply admired — doing work that helped me heal in the process.

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