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6 Tips for Raising an Intuitive Eater

The “new year, new me” mentality makes the month of January prime time for talk of dieting, new workout regimes, and a push towards convincing us that we need to think about optimizing our bodies to start the year off right. Though these messages might seem to be in the spirit of self-improvement, they’re pretty toxic — they over-emphasize the importance of appearance and can lead to negative body image and unhealthy habits around food and exercise. And unfortunately, our kids aren’t immune from these messages, either. 

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Support for parent employees should address their kids’ mental health

Mental health support in the workplace has undeniably been a huge part of recent efforts to help employees thrive: in the past few years, many companies have started training managers on how to recognize signs of poor mental health, offering employees more mental health days, and reducing out-of-pocket costs for getting mental health care. For parent employees, however, focusing just on their own mental health misses out on a large part of the overall picture in ensuring their success: providing support and resources to care for their children’s mental health, too.

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4 Bad Habits Adults Have That Can Influence Our Kids’ Body Image

It’s a beautiful thing that we can pass down music, traditions, recipes, and stories to our kids. But, sometimes, the things we’ve learned, habits we’ve inherited and media influences that impacted us are not worth sharing with the next generation. Our childhoods shape us in many ways — positive and negative. For a lot of us, we picked up some really unhealthy habits when it comes to self love and body image. If you fall in this camp, keep reading.

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Teaching Kids to Adopt a Growth Mindset

As the new year rolls around and we’re surrounded by talk of setting personal goals and resolutions, many of us may be seizing the opportunity to form new habits or explore new passions. Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a half-marathon, try making pottery, or learn a different language. Stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new can be incredibly rewarding, but when you’re just beginning to do something you’ve never tried before, you’ll inevitably run into a few challenges.

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The Importance of Teaching Kids Self-Compassion

People aren’t perfect. This fact might be simple enough to understand, but it can be harder to apply to our own internal dialogue. Even if we accept that everyone makes mistakes, we may still find ourselves becoming our own worst critics when faced with our flaws — and our kids aren’t immune from the same struggles. Self-criticism actually doesn’t help us learn from our mistakes or overcome failure — it can just lead to feelings of worthlessness and even depression. So, how can we avoid this cycle and raise our kids to be resilient instead of self-critical?

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How to Handle Parental Burnout

The concept of “burnout” has undeniably been a hot topic lately, but new research shows that it isn’t just workplace pressures that can lead to overload. Typically, the word burnout describes an overwhelming state of exhaustion you might experience after prolonged, unending stress that you’re just not able to manage. Parental burnout describes almost the same reaction, but instead of being associated with work or your career like regular burnout, it’s caused by the stressors of being a parent.

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