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Providing fathers with mental health support leads to healthier families — Men’s Health Awareness Month

If you weren’t already aware, November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, a period dedicated to drawing attention to health issues affecting men such as prostate and testicular cancers, suicide prevention, and mental health. In order to raise awareness around these important topics, many men will sport a mustache or participate in No Shave November as a way to create a conversation about men’s health.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Mental Health

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 1 in 5 kids has a diagnosable mental health issue. Acknowledging the real prevalence of mental health issues is important, and it gives us an opportunity to focus on starting open, honest conversations about mental health early on. By talking about it with your kids, you’re establishing yourself as someone they can feel comfortable coming to if they’re ever struggling and encouraging them to start checking in on their mental health as a crucial part of their overall well-being.

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When we create an inclusive system, we create a better system.

That’s our belief here at maro parents. If a system doesn’t aim to improve the lives of the most vulnerable that it serves, then it’s a flawed system. There are many inequities that people of color come across throughout their daily lives. They show up in the financial lending system, the job market, and even in our healthcare systems. Unfortunately, children aren’t impervious to this reality.

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4 Coping Strategies to Help Kids Handle Stress

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, and while we all experience stress from time to time, it can lead to some serious health concerns if we let it go unmanaged. Physical problems like high blood pressure and a weakened immune system as well as mental health problems like anxiety and depression can all be linked to stress. And it’s not just adults who are affected — kids and adolescents can suffer the consequences of stress buildup, too.

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What Experts Say: Anxiety and Kids

Every child worries. And whether it be about their first day of school or trying out a new sport, every worry matters. It’s important that you, as a parent, let them know that you’re listening, let them know you understand, and help them understand as well. Keep in mind that kids learn how to recognize and express their worry by observing and mimicking others’ behavior or relying on you to teach them! Here’s some tips on explaining worry and anxiety to your little one.

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