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When Should I Talk to My Child About Periods?

First, some good news:

Having one talk one time is a thing of the past. The reality is that kids learn best when we have lots of smaller conversations over time about how and why bodies develop. So, there’s not so much pressure to build up to one, pass or fail, presumably awkward conversation.

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4 Bad Habits Adults Have That Can Influence Our Kids’ Body Image

It’s a beautiful thing that we can pass down music, traditions, recipes, and stories to our kids. But, sometimes, the things we’ve learned, habits we’ve inherited and media influences that impacted us are not worth sharing with the next generation. Our childhoods shape us in many ways — positive and negative. For a lot of us, we picked up some really unhealthy habits when it comes to self love and body image. If you fall in this camp, keep reading.

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The Truth About Period Poops

It’s true what you’ve heard. Girls don’t poop. That said, on the off chance that we do poop and that poop happens to come on a day during our periods… well, here are some facts.

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What Experts Say: Anxiety and Kids

Every child worries. And whether it be about their first day of school or trying out a new sport, every worry matters. It’s important that you, as a parent, let them know that you’re listening, let them know you understand, and help them understand as well. Keep in mind that kids learn how to recognize and express their worry by observing and mimicking others’ behavior or relying on you to teach them! Here’s some tips on explaining worry and anxiety to your little one.

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So, that’s how my body works?!

We originally wrote this children’s book for publish in our mobile app, maro, where we give parents & kids content to use as a medium for tough growing-up conversations around mental & reproductive health, empathy, and diversity. Although the following story contains important knowledge about the body & how it works, it doesn’t really align with those 4 education verticals. So, we thought we’d release it for free. Tell us your honest opinions (i.e. would you use this to teach young kids about their bodies?) and feel free to clap if you’d still like to see this turned into a children’s book!

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